MLA Interview Citation

In MLA citations, interviews commonly fall into two categories: published and unpublished interviews that may appear in print or broadcast over electronic media. Other interviews may also appear in similar formats, such as in emails or as web documents. MLA interview citations are specific formats established by the Modern Language Association, or MLA, to properly cite interviews, such as live, face-to-face, telephone and email conversations used for your research paper.

However, unlike the usual print sources such as books, magazines, and newspapers, interviews are not considered concrete, recoverable material. As a general rule, then, interviews are not included in your reference list, and no interview sources should appear in your MLA works cited page. Rather, you will either need to directly quote or paraphrase the selected passage into an in-text APA interview citation, which should only appear in the body of your document.

Personal interviews pertain to live or face-to-face dialogues or discussions that you conduct with a personal source. If you would like to include personal interviews as one of your references in your MLA research paper, follow the recommended MLA interview citation by first listing the interview by the name of the interviewee Identify the type of interview by classifying it as a personal interview, followed by the date of the interview. Below is a typical example:

Branden, Nathaniel. Personal interview. 16 Mar. 2003.

Published interviews in the MLA citation include both print and broadcast outlets. If the published interview is part of a larger work, such as a book, DVD, or TV show, you should enclose the title of the interview in double quotation marks and italicize the title of the book or TV program. Additionally, you need to classify the specific medium of the interview, and fill out the rest of the information as follows. Below is a MLA interview citation example for a published interview:

Rand, Ayn. “Ayn Rand and Philosophy.” Intellectual Talk. By Mike Wallace. San Bernandino, CA: Borgo, 1965. Print.

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