The Correct Way to Do a Bibliography

An important part of every research paper is the Bibliography. Since this is a research paper, where you need to go over lots of sources in order to ensure that your work has merit, you also need to make sure that your audience knows that you really did your job. Writing one is generally not hard at all because it is simply listing the sources of the information that you gathered. However, you have to consider the Bibliography format that you need to use because there are various different writing formats out there like MLA Style and APA Style.

The first thing that you should do is to make a kind of draft on your sources early on so that it will be a lot easier when you make the Bibliography at the end of your research. At this time, you don’t need to think about the Bibliography format that you will be using. Just get the required details that you will need including but not limited to the following details about the sources: title of source like journal, book, article, etc; author/s; publication data like the name, date, and address; the page number/s; and also the URL and content for data gathered from the internet.

Here is detailed information on how to properly use the abovementioned details into a Bibliography.

  • Title – When writing down this information, ensure that you take all the necessary data. For instance, if there is a subtitle included then, add that also. If your source is an article/s or chapters in a book or journal, write down the title of the journal or book, as well as, the title of the article and the chapter.
  • Author – The format to use when noting authors’ names is last name first then the first name. Do not include any name labels like Mr., Ms., Sir, Ma’am, Dr., etc. However, you can include Sr., Jr., II, or III, as needed. If no author is provided, then don’t incorporate this part.
  • Page Number/s – This part of a Bibliography is only included when your source is a chapter/s of a book or articles taken from a journal.
  • Publication Address – This data is only gathered when your source is a book. Take down notes on the city, province, and state of the publication. However, if the city is a popular place, you can do without the province and the state.
  • Name of Publication – This is also only applicable if your source is a book. Just ensure that you get the name of the publisher and not the printing press. In some cases, the publisher and the printing company are the same.
  • Publication Date – In case of book sources, simply get the latest copyright year. For journals or publications that are issued quarterly, get the year and the month in write it as: (month, year). For works issued daily or weekly, get the complete issuance date.
  • URL – Get the whole URL as provided.
  • Date When Accessed – This is very important for data taken from the net because information found in the web can change regularly.

If you get to have a problem making your Bibliography either as MLA Style or APA Style, you can easily find a Bibliography example in the internet or done in books. With an actual Bibliography example, it will be less difficult to do a proper Bibliography.



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