The Secret Garden Story is well known

Mary Lennox, a homely but bossy girl, lives in India with her parents who work for the British government; her mother parades her beauty from party to party. As a nine-year-old, Mary is only busy making life miserable for the servants responsible for her upbringing; however, one night something happens that will change everything: a terrible cholera outbreak kills her parents. The little girl is sent to northern England to live with her uncle, Archibald Craven, who is said to be a grumpy hunchback with such a bad mood, that he doesn’t allow anybody to approach him. The girl travels all this way to find herself alone in a mansion that has over a hundred doors (most of them locked and bolted), and on whose halls a mysterious cry can be heard (that of Colin Craven). Later, she finds a walled garden that has not been opened in ten years, befriends a robin redbreast, a boy who has a soft way with animals (Dickon), an old sulky gardener and she also finds a hidden key. Page after page, the secrets and mysteries come one after another in this beautiful and immortal book, fascinating and able to touch the readers through the magical power of literature.

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